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About Us  |  "Find Your Way" is the concept of Joseph Gagliano



The reason for the existence of "Find Your Way" is that whilst Joseph has all the required qualifications as a Counselling Psychologist (see list below), he is astutely  aware that clients are the ones who implement the various changes they require to improve their lifestyle, or try to overcome whatever problem they may be facing.


Joseph is also very aware that whilst clients often look to a psychologist for an answer or 'cure', they are, in their own circumstances, 24 hours per day, seven days per week, but in the psychologist's room for only 1 hour per week. As such, Joseph may assist clients to 'Find Your Way' whilst they actually undertake the journey.




Joseph has a very good understanding of cultural issues, and the differences that can arise from being raised in one culture, and operating in another.


He has been involved over many years in organisations focussing on the needs of groups or sections of the community which have different perspectives and views or beliefs on how relationships, ways of operating and life in general may occasionally cause problems for these people, or others around them.



Many clients, and people overall, believe psychologists may not understand the situations that clients operate in. Joseph cannot speak for all, but in his circumstances, Joseph has had much experience in various aspects of life, apart from his career in psychology. He worked in a large organisation for 18 years (an Australian airline that no longer exists) in a number of roles, and as such has a very good and thorough understanding of the problems, events, interactions, relationships, and situations that can occur in work settings (including loss and grief).


Joseph also undertook his studies whilst working, so has a very good idea of what work-life balance is all about, and the pressures that most people go through each day, trying to manage and balance their own, and others' time.




Qualifications: Masters In Counselling Psychology, Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology, Bachelor Of Letters (Psychology), Bachelor of Arts, Registration with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency,  Member Australian Psychological Society

Our Work  |  "Find Your Way" and why to consider choosing us

Find Your Way?


As individuals we all progress in our own way through our lives. Some of us do it in an orderly manner, some of us not so orderly. Many have great support from family and friends, others may need to discover everything about life by themselves. As each of us is an individual, each of life’s lessons is taken on board in our own individual way.


Whilst many of us are able to deal with most situations we encounter, sometimes moments or events occur where we feel that it just isn’t going exactly as planned. At different times in our lives we may feel that things are not clear, that we are not handling things as well as we should, or that we have some difficulty in seeing our way through a situation, experience or event. At this time we may need some support, help or direction to allow us to get through the problem time.


"Find Your Way Psychology and Life Coaching" exists to help in a way that allows you to ‘Find Your Way’. Essentially, we all have the answers within, and the ability to overcome most situations. Occasionally though, we may just need a little ‘help with direction’.


"Find Your Way Psychology and Life Coaching" exists to help people 'Find Their Way' through personal issues, times of hardship, and other problems that we all may face periodically.


"Find Your Way Psychology and Life Coaching" is set up by psychologists, using well proven psychological theories and methods to help people.


Why Choose Find Your Way?


As mentioned above, "Find Your Way Psychology and Life Coaching" was set up by Joseph, who has the requisite psychological qualifications to enable clients to implement the changes they may require to improve how they live.


A very important point is, that whilst the psychological theory is present, there are real world examples, experiences and knowledge on how to put the theory into practice. This enables "Find Your Way Psychology and Life Coaching" to understand the needs of clients, and help the theory be transformed into real life application.



The Science of Psychology


Essentially psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour and experience, the physiological and cognitive (thinking) processes that underlie it, and the profession that applies this knowledge to practical problems. Psychology includes everything that is involved in human thought and behaviour.


Psychological treatments are based on changing behaviour and emotional responses without medication. There is a considerable amount of evidence showing psychological treatments are effective.


  • Psychology incorporates thinking, problem solving, intelligence, or consciousness, behaviours, attitudes and judgements.
  • So psychology is about how people think, believe, speak, act, interact with others.
  • Psychology includes everything that is involved in human thought and behaviour.
  • Psychological therapies are widely used to treat individuals and families, and can also be applied to groups and organisations.
  • Psychologists help understand who we are, and how we think, feel and act.
  • Our aim is to help people function better, and to prevent ill-health and other problems developing.


As a psychological practice, "Find Your Way Psychology and Life Coaching" supports clients to 'Find Their Way' through life.


What's the Difference Between Psychologists and Psychiatrists?


Psychologists and Psychiatrists both work in the area of mental health, and often work together. However, there are some significant differences between the two professions in the following areas ...


Education and Qualifications


Psychologists study human behaviour in undergraduate and postgraduate degrees before undertaking supervised experience and gaining registration. Psychologists do not have a medical degree; however, many have postgraduate qualifications to specialise in various aspects of psychology, including mental illness.


Psychiatrists have a medical degree, which involves six years of studying general medicine, followed by further study to specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness and emotional problems.


Psychologists cannot prescribe medication. Treatments are based on changing behaviour and emotional responses without medication. There is a considerable amount of evidence showing psychological treatments are effective.


Psychiatrists can prescribe medication. Some combine medication with other forms of therapy.


SO, we Psychologists are experts in being able to assist clients in attempting to clarify and solve many areas of clients' lives, which may have caused or led to many difficulties.


If you have a query as to how we may be able to assist you don't hesitate to call us.


Services  |  Where & how do we help to 'Find Your Way'?



  • Manage stress and conflict at home and work
  • Psychological support and assistance for those injured at work and in traffic accidents, and dealing with WorkCover and TAC
  • Deal with grief, loss and trauma
  • Overcome feelings of depression, anxiety and fear
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence
  • Assist people in dealing with bullying
  • Enhance personal relationships
  • Cope with disabilities or health problems
  • Deal with problems related to alcohol and drug abuse
  • Manage chronic pain
  • Manage depression
  • Recover from eating disorders
  • Manage obsessions and compulsions
  • Deal with sexual concerns
  • Manage anger or violence

  • Build satisfying relationships
  • Improve their communication
  • Manage conflict or disagreement
  • Enhance sexual adjustment
  • Resolve thoughts of separation or divorce
  • Improve parenting skills



  • Improve difficult relationships
  • Handle problematic situations
  • Work together on issues or problems
  • Cope with separation, divorce or re-marriage
  • Deal with problems often experienced in blended families
  • Assisting communication and understanding for families facing cultural difficulties. especially when families are developing from diverse cultural backgrounds

  • Select New Staff
  • Conduct Training Programmes
  • Facilitate Staff Relationships
  • Resolve interpersonal Work Relationships
  • Provide An Employee Assistance Programme
  • Manage Clients With Behavioural Problems

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